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Codestellation 2020 will be occurring for 36 hours on November 7-8 this year! Codestellation is the annual hackathon held at Brandeis University and organized by BITMAP (Brandeis Initiative for Machines, Apps and Programming). We are also known as "The Friendly Hackathon", so all experience levels are welcome - just have fun, get coding, and create something with us!  You are in for a blast.
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-  S T O R I E S   f r o m   o u r
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" I am definitely a loyal devotee to Codestellation. As a senior having been to every Codestellation since my freshman year, I always find it amazing to see the growth in the number of participants and the quality of the overall event each year. While this year, I was a mentor and not a hacker, I thrououghly enjoyed helping hackers troubleshoot their problems and see some truly amazing hacks developed in 24 hours. I highly recommend Codestellation to hackers of all experience levels. It is an equally great event for beginners and for those with more experience. "   - Kevin Wang

" Having only a few months of coding experience before Codestellation, I was hesitant to be a part of it at first. However, even though it was my first ever hackathon, I learned a lot in just 24 hours and met many amazing people. From a lock picking workshop to skyping the CEO of Dropbox, I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience! "
  - Mahima Devanahalli

" When I first got to Brandeis, I've always wanted an event for techy folks to meet up, discuss technology, and program with each other. Codestellation has really fulfilled that wish of mine. It's beautifully organized and is a great place for programmers to get together and to build something useful and sharpen ones' programming skills. Highly recommended! "   - Roman Nguyen

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Q U E S T I O N S  -

A hackathon is an opportunity to get together with others who share your passion for building and creating technology for a weekend and create something great. That app you’ve been talking about making forever? That software that would really make school that much easier? This is the perfect opportunity to sit down and make it a reality. At Codestellation, you’ll join a small launch team to create something awesome over the course of 36 hours. Along the way, we’ve also got a bunch of fun activities planned just in case you need a break from all the coding you’ll be doing. If a weekend of making new friends, coding, and partaking in all sorts of fun activities sounds like a blast to you, join us for Codestellation Fall 2020!

Codestellation will take place online this year with optional, limited space offered at Brandeis University. This year, we moved Codestellation online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We promise that it will be ten times more fun so click on the application link and apply now! All you need this year is a device that can connect to the internet!

We will mainly rely on Discord and Slack for communication. Mentors and Seminars will be live on Discord so don’t worry about having questions during the event, we’re all here for you!

Unfortunately, we won’t have skateboards and 3D printers due to social distancing, but we do have tons of fun games waiting for you! Would you like to join other hackers for a fun adventure on Minecraft? Or an exciting tournament of Among Us? You have some better games in mind? Let us know at codestellation@gmail.com .

Any students are invited to attend this event. We want to fill this event with a diverse group of interesting hackers with a variety of different skills, attributes, strengths, and perspectives. If you don’t have a team, we can help you find one - all you have to do is indicate on the registration form that you would like to be placed with a team, and we will put you in contact with other hackers both prior to and at the start of the event. New hackers are absolutely encouraged to attend; if you’ve been waiting for a sign to tell you that you’re good enough to go to a hackathon, this is it!

Have no worries cadet! Codestellation is a beginner-friendly hackathon, meaning anyone can come!

Codestellation will take place November 7th to 8th!

Of course! We always recommend that hackers participate in the whole event in order to get the most out of their experience, but you can come late or leave early.

Feel free to reach out to mission control at codestellation@gmail.com and tell us if you have any problems or questions.

Make sure to follow smart decisions during your interstellar travels. As a Major League Hacking event, we follow and enforce the MLH Code of Conduct at Codestelltaion.

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"I see a picture right now that's not parallel, so I'm going to go straighten it. Things must be in order."  - Katherine Johnson

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